Like Robin Hood or King Arthur, no one knows the exact truth about Batman. Was he just a story or was there some truth to the legend? While other reports refute what is presented here, this is the best that our researchers have been able to put together:

1977-1985 As a young child, Bruce Wayne watched his parents murdered before his eyes. Thomas and Martha Wayne were walking home from the Monarch Theater one night with their son, when they were held up at gunpoint by a mugger who demanded the pearl necklace that Martha was wearing. When Dr. Wayne refused to surrender it, both he and Martha were shot dead in the streets.


Fortunately, physician and social worker Leslie Thompkins was making a house call that night, and arrived to give loving comfort to the traumatized Bruce. He was then raised on the Wayne Manor estate, with help from the wise and loyal butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Bruce had very few friends during his childhood, but Alfred remained a loyal surrogate father, friend, and ally for the rest of His life.


1985-1991 Bruce travels the world acquiring the skills he needs to begin his mission.

1992-1993 Bruce takes on the mantle of the Batman to defeat the Red Hood Gang. He is twenty-five years old. Shortly thereafter, Gotham is almost destroyed in the Riddler’s Year Zero machinations. Batman earns the trust of Jim Gordon, planting the seeds of a lifelong friendship and partnership.


1994 As both Batman and Bruce Wayne, he Gotham’s first son is able to help rebuild and inspire Gotham. Through ceaseless efforts, Batman is able to push back the graft and organized crime that threatens to consume Gotham and becomes allies with rising assistant district attorney Harvey Dent. Late in the year, Batman first encounters the mysterious Joker, an anarchic, twisted figure claiming to be the Red Hood reborn.


1995-1996 Batman first encounters the charming jewel thief Selena Kyle, operating as Catwoman. The two both feel a chemistry that will be hard to forget.

Bruce begins expanding Wayne Enterprises’ philanthropic efforts, effecting real change in war torn areas of the world. Bruce brings the genius inventor/engineer Lucius Fox into the fold. Fox proves to be an invaluable ally in the board room and in helping design and procure equipment or Bruce’s mission. During this time, Batman puts Mafioso Don Falcone behind bars and first encounters and defeats the Scarecrow, KGBeast, and Killer Croc. During October of 1996, tragedy strikes as Batman’s friend and ally Harvey Dent is physically and mentally mutilated.


1997 Batman travels the world unraveling a scheme by Ra’s Al Ghul. This marks the first time Bruce not only protects Gotham but actually saves the world. He first encounters Ra’s daughter Talia. Upon his return to Gotham, Batman discovers that the Joker has run rampant in his absence. Blaming himself, Bruce spirals out of control to stave off his guilt at letting his city fall to ruin in his quest to defeat Ghul. He is pulled out of his downward spiral by Alfred and a colleague from Metropolis.


1998 On his thirtieth birthday, Bruce let’s Alfred convince him to take the night off. Bruce decides to attend a charity show: Haly’s Circus, featuring the Flying Graysons. Tragedy strikes as a criminal plot results in the sabotage of the Graysons’ equipment. Only thirteen year old Richard Grayson survives.

Bruce sees himself in Richard and takes him in as his ward during the investigation. As Batman, Bruce investigates the Graysons’ death and is shocked when young Richard sneaks out of his third story room window and follows him. The two work together to catch the Graysons’ murderer and after a long period of soul searching, Bruce takes Richard on as his apprentice, Robin: the Robin legacy is born.


1999-2001 Without Richard and Alfred’s help, Bruce would be dead and Gotham lost as the dynamic duo face their most trying year. The team is narrowly able to defeat the Riddler, Clayface, Deathstroke, and Harvey Dent, now calling himself Two Face. Based on the tremendous help provided by young Richard Grayson, Bruce begins developing the ‘Round Table’ protocol. During this time, Bruce’s Round Table project takes on a life of its own as Jim Gordon’s daughter Barbara takes to the streets after being inspired by Batman’s example. She proves to be an able solo operative and is quickly taken into the ‘Bat-Family’ fold. Her exceptional tech skills save Gotham and the dynamic duo single-handedly a handful of times over the two year period. Bruce realizes that his plan to inspire the populace is particularly effective with the youth of Gotham and enters deep contemplation regarding the implications.

2001-2003 On his sixteenth birthday, Bruce formally adopts Richard and gifts half the Wayne holdings to Richard. Meanwhile, Bruce, Richard, Alfred, and Lucius continue to fight the good fight, saving Gotham from its quickly expanding rogue’s gallery, including Mister Freeze and Poison Ivy. To Bruce’s approval, Richard begins to develop his own circle of friends and divides his time between Gotham and New York. Richards friends, Kory, Wally, Donna, Vic, and Gar, inspire Richard to strike a balance between honoring Bruce and striking his own path. Meanwhile, a twelve year old kid names Tim Drake becomes inspired by Batman’s example and uses his intellect to solve a murder at his school.

2004 Richard moves to Bludhaven to begin his own work as Nightwing.

Nightwing.pngBruce is pleased as Richard’s progress and continues defending Gotham and developing Project Round Table. A young, orphaned street kid named Jason Todd vandalizes Batman’s batmobile in an cry for help. Bruce takes pity on the young man when he discovers that Jason hero worships Robin and takes Jason into his home. Against his better judgment, Bruce uses Jason to pilot test Project Round Table, taking his on as his second apprentice.
Meanwhile, Barbara ‘Batgirl’ Gordon begins to take a serious interest in her father’s work

2005-2006 Jason proves to be a quick study and academic genius, outstripping Grayson intellectually. However, Jason also proves to be temperamental and violent. Bruce removes Jason from active duty after he serves as Robin for eighteen months. Meanwhile, Tim Drake continues to fight the good fight and using his newly learned hacking skills, exposes a money laundering and bribery scheme between the district attorney’s office and kingpin Harvey Dent. At the same time, Bruce plans to adopt Jason and train him to be Lucius Fox’s protege. Unfortunately, Jason discovers that his biological mother has fallen in with the Joker and goes rogue in an attempt to save her. He does not survive the experience.

2007 Every day for one year Bruce wakes up and decides to kill the Joker. Somehow, he resists, knowing that, for him, if he ventured down that path it would lead to madness. For over a year, Bruce sleeps only four hours a day and pushes himself to the breaking point. His behavior grows more and more erratic. During this year, Bruce travels the world, combating threats across the globe and encouraging heroes in London, Brazil, Egypt, and Russia to take on a crusade similar to his own. He also finds solace in the arms of Ra’s daughter Talia….Talia.jpg

Meanwhile, Barbara Gordon begins working for the Gotham City Police Department.

2008 Tim Drake observes Batman’s erratic behavior, notes that there is no Robin in active duty, and decides to apply his intellect to figure out what is going on. Within three months, he is able to determine within a 90% likelihood that Bruce Wayne is Batman, that his new ward Jason Todd was Robin, and that Jason’s death overseas was actually connected to Jason’s work as Robin. He confronts Batman and argues that Batman needs a partner in order to survive and protect Gotham. Bruce rebuffs Tim and refuses to listen. For the next ten months, Tim fights crime on his own and assists Batman over protest. On the eleventh month, Bruce accepts Tim as his new apprentice.

2008-2012 Bruce, Tim, and their allies begin a renaissance in Gotham. protecting it not only from criminal threats, but also from the natural disaster leading to the No Man’s Land event. Barbara retires from active duty as Batgirl and soars through the ranks of the GCPD. During this time, Tim’s influence is felt in Batman’s growing ‘family.’ He takes a new Batgirl, Cassandra Caine, Spoiler, the Question, the Huntress, Azrael, and Batwoman under his wing.

2012-2013 Batman suffers one of his greatest losses after Jason Todd when he has his back broken by the arch criminal Bane.
Bruce surrenders the city to Azrael’s protection while he travels overseas searching for a cure to his disability. He finds it in Ra’s Al Ghul’s lazurus pits. Upon entering the pit, he is nearly driven mad, but manages to overcome the pit’s evil influence thanks to the support of his true ally Alfred Pennyworth. Bruce finally admits that Alfred has become his true father. Alfred.jpg

Meanwhile, in Gotham, Tim rejects Azrael’s leadership and begins operating on his own more and more. Tim eventually encounters the great love of his life, Stephanie ‘Spoiler’ Brown and the two embark on a serious relationship and crime fighting partnership. Barbara becomes a media sensation and impresses the Govenor and Mayor when she single handedly thwarts the manic arsonist Firefly and then later captures the Joker’s lover Halequin.

2014 Bruce returns to Gotham and finds that Azrael has adopted the mask of the Batman but not the mission. Instead of inspiring the people, Azrael strikes fear into their heats seeking subservience. Bruce defeats Azrael and reclaims the Bat. He helps Azrael reclaim his sanity and resumes his rightful role in Gotham.

2015-2018 Bruce undoes the damage caused by Azrael and Bane, battles the Joker, Two Face, and a myriad of foes. He manages to lock away a majority of his escaped foes in Arkham safely over the course of the next three years and enters into a serious relationship with a (semi) reformed Selina Kyle. Jim Gordon prepares for retirement and the Govenor orders that his daughter Barbara prepare to assume his role as police commissioner.

2019-2020 Bruce is shocked when Talia Al Ghul presents their son Damian to him.
Damien_being_Damien.jpg Nightwing returns to Gotham to help Bruce juggle his new found responsibilities and to be closer to Barbara who has been appointed the youngest police commissioner in Gotham’s history.

2021 On his fifty-third birthday, Bruce Wayne surveys the city from the top of Wayne Tower and contemplates retiring to focus on Project Round Table, Wayne Enterprises, and the care of Damian. At that same moment, Arkham Asylum and Blackgate Prison are attacked, breached, and over 80% of their inmates are released into the streets of Gotham. Bruce begins full implementation of Round Table to cope with this new threat.



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